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Let’s bike it!

On May 20 in Kharkiv, Ukraine the 12th VeloDay took place. This day many citizens came out of their houses not alone, but together with their bikes to have a ride over the central part of the city. Main roads that followed the way of the event were shut off. Every person could take part in the event, the age did not matter. Many of the citizens brought their whole families to the holiday.

Speaking Objects

Entering in a fascinating, curious and magical world through the works of Eva Kot'atkova. Interactive sculptures, collages resembling children, indistinct pieces of flesh, puppet installations, and drawings are part of the show Diary of a Stomach presented at Meyer Riegger Gallery in Berlin.

TOP 7 Blogs About Eastern Europe

There are lots of bloggers out there so when you look for information about other countries, it is hard to find a good blog. As a travel addict I checked blogs all the time. But this time I choose seven successful blogs for you that are not only about travel. Let's learn more about Eastern Europe through those blogs.

1. Travel Eastern European

This website has lots of useful information about Eastern European countries. But they have 11 different sections in total.

The Shining Star of Ukraine

Lviv is a famous touristic city in Ukraine. This city is located to the west of Ukraine. The city was named by Leo, the eldest son of the Russian king Daniel of Galicia. After World War II, Lviv joined the Soviet Union. In 1991, after independence it became a city connected to Ukraine.