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Sun of Serbian Movies

Sofija “Soja” Jovanovic is a Serbian- Yugoslavian movie director. She is the first movie director in former Yugoslaviamborn on 1st February,1922.

Jovanovic studied at the Theatre Department of the Belgrade Music Academy. After that, her first success was the stage production of Branislav Nušić's play “A Suspicious Character” (Sumnjivo lice) in 1948.

7 things that surprised me traveling in Bosnia

I knew so little about Bosnia when making my backpack ready for a week-long trip. I love Kusturica movies and the music of Bregovich, but couldn’t tell more about the country than what I have read in my high school history book. I didn’t read any travel reviews, I relied solely on my boyfriend for organization of the trip and I let him me surprise. And I was surprised indeed!

Venko Andonovski

Venko Andonovski was born in 1964 in Macedonia and is one of the bestselling Macedonian writers of all time. He is not only a writer; he is also a novelist, short story writer, playwright, poet, essayist, critic and literary theorist.

Vernal Voice

Maria Chaikovskaya is a young aspiring artist; she does not use rich decorations, glamorous costumes, or energetic backing dancers. However, the spectators are bewitched by her sugary voice and piano sounds. She belongs to the online generation of artists, for whom big investments into scenic images, famous producers, and concerts at the luxury weddings are of no importance.