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B-East Production would like to introduce you one of the first participants of Photo-Voice Project “Humanity – No Stereotyping”.

Mira Debaja is half Lebanese and half Irakian woman with Jordanian passport, she is digital artist and most of all she admires to be free and get respect from others to her personality, from the country she live in – her right to be herself and possibility to express her real character.

Amir Kazkaz is Syrian 30-years old young man, who wants to see people around more open-minded with refugees coming to their countries. He accepts there are different people in the world both coming searching for better life and making troubles to others. But he believes it’s not only about refugees but about all the nations and all the places in the world and we have to educate such negative examples in society.

This married couple left Syria in 2011, when Amir was requested for interrogation by Military security division and given the paper we call “215”. Straight after that young couple took 2 hours only pack their bags and the next day they have already left country.

After moving from country to country including Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and others they have chosen Germany to go and ask defense as it has best law regarding refugees nowadays.

Amira admits that they have always wanted to leave country and live their life expressing themselves sincerely, but no one expected it’s gonna happen this way.

If you have your own story to share or you know who does – contact us on

Interview with Amir & Mira by Sani Manczak


Have any question how setting down in Germany as a refugee? They got the answers!

The internet platform for refugees, voluntary supporters and organizations are active in the migrants’ assistance. On they can give you support and share information not only concerning legal matters and asylum proceedings, but also taking into account aspects of daily life such as culture or sports activities.

Understanding and tolerance must be built up through both sides, this is what wants to achieve by helping others.

Interview with Project Partners Henritte Schmidt, partner management & acquisition and Cornelia Röper, founder by Eugenia Seriakov
Humanity - No Stereotyping

Humanity - No Stereotyping

B-East Production is looking for refugee success stories.

The main idea of the project is to show people, who were born the second time leaving all the life behind and moving to suspense. If you are one of those, you are worth to be heard!

To avoid stereotypes we get everyday from the biggest media showing the side which can get more readers or views - we propose you to be creators of your image and European citizens to see true experienced memoirs.

We are concentrated point of view on humanity, which can fight stereotypes created by race for popularity in area of politics, media or social workers.

* If you are a current or former refugee with a success story to tell or know some others like you, who would like to take part in our photo-voice project, feel free to contact us with a short introduction about yourself at:

Our team of photographers and journalists are looking forward to hearing from YOU!

* If you are photographer (amateur or professional) and have such heroes, who could be our participant - feel free to contact us and discuss possible membership in our team to prepare this project. You will have chance to show your voice and share between confederates.