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But do people in Berlin are ever interested in fashion? Does fashion here is taken seriously? Despite of the fact, that most of the fashion industry and fashion media are located in other cities of Germany like for example Hamburg, Munich, or Düsseldorf, apparently, to be in trend is popular everywhere. When you go on the streets of Berlin, it seems like everybody has his own style and everybody is a designer by themselves. Which I find great and what makes me feel unique and not like others in this city.

Even though, yes- in Berlin fashion matters. The more you know about this tricky industry, the best is for you not to feel lost among all of those, whose profession is fashion. And in Berlin, such people you can meet almost everywhere you go. Then it really matters what your knowledge about fashion is and if you have the feel of taste.

And, how the story goes people like such events as fashion weeks. It is a great opportunity to remind the world who you are and to show yourself to others. Concerning all of this and not forgetting that, anyway I need to have a bit of orientation in the modern fashion industry, I let myself to be guided by fashion gurus.

Going to the event, I did not expect to get to know some designers from Eastern Europe. I was surprised, when I saw such names as Alexandra Kurkowski from Poland, Sasa Kovacevic from Serbia and Sedina Halilovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who presented with her co-founder Jelena Hofmann the label ‘Holy Ghost’. All of them have extraordinary fashions collections to show audience. My eyes caught a lot of nice, talented young fashion inventors that appealed last week on the Fashion Week Stage. But those three left on my mind a great lasting impression.

The designer Aleks Kurkowski has her own typical style. She kept mostly of her collection cloths in black color combining geometry and mathematics. What is more, all types of black were consistently sustained and strong in the expression. Each collection was composed of natural or ecological materials and there was progressive and independent clothing trend. This year her collection is inspired by the view of the world from the perspective of the Romantics and the pursuit of the never-to-reach freedom, as it is found in nature.

After his studies at the Academy of Arts in Berlin and at the Costume Design Study in Belgrad designer Sasa Kovacevic found his label SADAK in 2006. His style: neutral, unisex, extravagant cuttings, innovative and high-quality materials. The most important message SADAK wants to communicate is: Pride in Individuality. Individuality and pride, everybody could notice in his collection this year. And it is not only the collection as a whole that comes with a motive, it’s the individual works themselves.

The designers Jelena Hofmann and Sedina Halilovic found their fashion brand 'Holy Ghost' in 2010. The two young women have shared not only work, but also a deep friendship for over 12 years. Sedina, the creative manager of ‘Holy Ghost’ has studied Fashion Management at AMD in Munich and is responsible for the design. Jelena, the managing spirit, has graduated with a degree in economics from State University in Munich. She is the Head of Sales and Marketing. From its origins their brand has become synonymous with timeless elegance and its attention to details. Inspired by a desire to create a distinctive and individual look, Jelena Hofmann and Sedina Halilovic redefine urban style. The importance of quality, finest fabrics, perfect fit, European manufacturers and supreme design skills are their main focus. The label is concentrating on essential easy-to-wear pieces like jerseys, blouses, tops and dresses.

To all of you dear followers of fashion, I recommend a visit of those designers’ websites and maybe they will inspire you to create your own style from the clothes you have in your wardrobe. And always remember, that fashion is what you’re offered by designers, however style is what you choose.

Photos by Berlin Fashion Week

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Sani Manchak

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