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I asked myself: what should I write? Should I write about quantity of the young generation, or about the problems that youngsters face in Ukraine. Yes, they are the same as in the west, almost identical. Should I write a story about how youth in Ukraine spend their free time?

But the way of spending free time is the same and not much different. Of course, young people in Ukraine are in a worse situation, but overall - the processes that is taking place in Europe, is the same one in Ukraine. What are keen on young people in Ukraine?

Interests are the same. They are listening to the same DJs, musicians, the same bands, watching the same movies and series. They are fans of the same celebrities... They fall in love... , with pride go to their first job... , are working on their diplomas... .

Everything is the same. They also like to drink beer, smoke marijuana or go to the gym, cycling, or make selfies. Youth of Ukraine is the same as the youth of Germany and Austria. It is my opinion and I'm ready to defend it.

But there is one thing .... In Ukraine there is a war and a lot of young people is now on the battlefield. They die there. This is the substantial difference between the youth of Western Europe and Ukraine. Ukrainian young people are killed every day, bombings tear off their hands and legs, they parts of their bodies, some of them lose sight. The girls meet their boyfriends with incredible injuries. Some of the young solders they meet in a coffin.

This youth in a very short time became an adult. Just in a year 18-years-old boys after their school graduation, became males. They got to know what war and death not from the books, but from their own reality.

That's the difference. Ukrainian youth already for a year is living with war. They all growed up very quickly. It shouldn' t be like this, but unfortunately it is.

One morning I wake up in the country, described by George Orwell in the novel "1984". His world is an absurd place, where everything is flipped upside down. In this reality, the Ministry of peace is eternal war, the Abundance is engaged in theft and grafters, the Ministry of truth provides the constant propaganda of their horrible ideas, and the Ministry of love is responsible for the arrests and tortures, terror and murder, and is engaged in the clearing of society from the ill-being element.

In this world I lost signs of my personality. I do not think. I don't need to. For what ... Mode of governance will mire me, will provide food to my sore body that even though it could provide a benefit to society. Working. I do not love, because this feeling may overshadow more needs and social important reflections: love to a political party, to Big Brother, the hatred to the enemy, which can vary quarterly, depending on the will of senior management. I do not write letters. I do not read. For what to think?! Why do I torture myself thinking?! Everything have already been thought and decided by system. I just need to be and that it. And then I die, and people will born the same like me. They will also live and their bodies will get old, and then they will die and will born new. Big brother will be over all stand and save us from our mind, our freedom. In this world of war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

"German Nazis and Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They thought perhaps they even believed that they gained power against their own will and for a limited time, and that just around the corner is paradise, where people would be free and equal. We are not such. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intent to abandon her. Power is not mean, power is goal. None sets the dictatorship in order to save the revolution; It's a revolution carried out in order to establish a dictatorship. The purpose of the persecution is persecution. The aim of torture is torture. The purpose of power is power. "- so all the winners from the strange world of Orwell.

The analogy with this world of absurd can be done with modern Ukraine in which the strange way the police authority that is obliged to protect and serve citizens, takes from them the most precious- their lives. The President, who is the guarantor of the Constitution, is her biggest rapist. The Government and Members of Parliament – employees of the State, is its “ krovopivcâmi” and occupiers. It is a non-utopian world of Englishman Orwell, isn’t it? That's just Socrates, there is one "but". We have preserved their dignity and ability to resist injustice and do not tolerate her evil of the most demanding. We have the happiness not to sink in the ocean of deadly indifference and painful tolerance to evil.

I could wake up in this world a few days ago. But something happened -death. It is difficult to imagine, immediately in front of the eyes young guys with blue-yellow ribbons on clothing and in helmets, with Brown, gray and yellow eyes that sparkle with live fire. They are smiling, their voices spoke to God. Some of them liked to walk in the mountains and loved the dogs, loved his distant Caucasian country, someone fled from their native homes and found a new Homeland – Ukraine. And yet someone ... We don't know, because their bodies are not found. They are still waiting for the mothers, wives and children. But they did not return. They were killed. Their slew mode, which scrambles trying to convince us that war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

I could turn into a minor clerk in the Ministry of truth, but after the event, after their deaths, I don't have any right to be the product of an authoritarian regime, or a silent citizen of a country without a future. This world is cruel. Death always leads to something. Why should we encourage the death of innocents? In revenge, the resistance to fight and even if it is extremism and calling for disobedience until the current authorities. Blank. To live with shame to a man ought not to.

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Oleg Dorka

Oleg Dorka

Oleg Dorka is a blogger and freelance journalist based in Lviv-Drohobych, Ukraine. He works as a TV reporter and radio journalist for Ukrainian, Polish and German media companies. He does not only leads his blog at B-East Production, but also works at many others multimedia projects here. His main interests are European integration and humans right .