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Despite of this fact that in Russia everybody, who is against Putin regime dies in this or another way, such an open assassination seems makes those conciseness people in the country finally to wake up.

Following the murder, there were a lot of comments that Putin is at least indirectly responsible for it. Even if he didn’t do it by himself, he created a political climate that makes these kinds of assassinations possible. And this is even not a surprise that now Kremlin is pushing the suggestion that Nemtsov was killed by Chechen Islamists. Radical Chechen Islamists have been blamed for several high-profile murders in Russia in recent years. But the truth is that those who ordered the killings will always go free.

Many in Russian blame Putin for the murder of Nemtsov. Others say that the ignorance of people did the crime. There are even those who blame themselves about everything what Kremlin does wrong. However, as the matter of fact, Russia is totally a dictatorship country. And those who feel shame about their leader have fear to go in the street and talk openly about their point of view. People just close their eyes to this and a lot of other assassinations that happens all over Russia. Although, thousands march for Russia opposition after Nemtsov was murdered.

This fact that Putin has had personal control over the investigation from the first day shows that Russian government was involved in it. And the suggestion that he was killed by Chechen Islamists is a completely nonsense. There is even little information available about the suspect people. In fact, Zaur Dadaev admitted his organization of the crime.

According to Dadaev, suspected motives guided by religious revenge as Nemtsov support the position regarding cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The politician harshly condemned the killers of journalists Charlie Hebdo. They were also unhappy with his "anti-Islamic" position. The former deputy prime minister then announced that the government encourages the birth rate in Muslim regions, while turning a blind eye to a huge mortality in central Russia.

By a strange coincidence, that version of religious extremism was one of the principal prior to the investigation for the big official media. It is very convenient one also for the Kremlin. The murder of Nemtsov, ’ crazy ’ Islamists puts it on par with Paris cartoonists, and Vladimir Putin turns to be one of the world leaders, who fighting with Islamism. And this is the best outcome of the case for the Russian authorities.

The government (any government) will make you believe in anything what is convenient for the people on the top. It is hard to believe that Russian authorities didn’t know anything about assassination. What is more, nobody thinks that murders were very religious. Whoever did it, were top-class professionals, who were confident of their impunity.

The crime carried for different motives for Russian President. Russian’s Ukraine policy is one of them, as well. Putin always get rid of people who are against his policy. Take for instance the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was shot in her home, Valeriya Novodvorskaya – active critic of Putin, Lech Kaczyński and many others who turned to become victims of Putin regime.

Many years different, strange assassinations happened across Russia. However Russians and the well-known media keep silence towards this. The saddest thing is, that it will continue until one person is stopped, one person with his own sick ambitions and who will kill anyone to achieve his goals. Are you still doubt who number one terrorist is?

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Sani Manchak

Sani Manchak

Sani Manchak is a journalist from Ukraine, currently working as a freelancer in Germany. She started her career 7 years ago and had worked as TV and radio broadcast presenter. Her Polish roots from the father side brought her to a socio-cultural partnership between the countries of the European Union. Her main areas of interests are all interlinked topics with secret societies, such as religion, high finance, politics and entertainment industry.